Big & Small House,  MTE would like to suggest you our product portfolio that fits your needs
  • Fire Alarm System from BOSCH.  You'll need Fire/Heat or Smoke Detection,  Bell or Siren.  We have both line or wireless to suit your house.
  • Motion Detector that will detect only people, not pet.
  • CCTV with Recorder   , Fix or Tilt Camera,  day or nigh time use
  • Access Control  eg..   Finger Scan, RFID Card,  Code&Pin access, Token access.   Call out to your mobile or paid service center for immediate help.

  • Emergency Light
    Light up when there's black out - no power.  Halogen lamp or LED Lamp.

  • LED Indoor and Outdoor Decoration.
    You'll need some of the below for energy saving and cool lighitng effect decoration..
    • LED FLOOD LIGHT :  We offer RGB(Multi Color), Warmwhite, Coolwhite
    • Outdoor Gerden lighting
    • Pool Lighitng
    • Downlight
    • MR16


Energy Saving
  •  Electronics Ballast with Dimming Function
  • Motion Sensor and Light Sensor for control Fluorescent Lamp of Halogen lamp output - dimming or on/off
  • Control unit for dimming or on/off base on shcedule you set

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